Halloween (1978)

The original 1978 classic, Halloween, tells the story of Michael Myers escape from a psychiatric hospital to return to his Illinois home. Since it's creation many moons ago, Halloween now serves as one of the main pillars in the horror genre. And with good reason. 

The credits roll to a black screen with a lit Jack-o-Lantern on its' left side with the credits rolling to its' right. Accompanied by the ever-eerie score from creator and director John Carpenter. Even the credits alone are enough to draw viewers in with its duel nature of simplicity and eeriness. Yet, in its' simplicity, the credits set the tone for the rest of the film. Driven by an unforgettable and iconic soundtrack accompanied with powerhouse performances from seasoned veteran, Donald Pleasance, and newcomer, Jamie Lee Curtis.

The pacing of the film is very tight. Carpenter truly utilizes every aspect of the story telling to prevent users from experiencing sluggish or irrelevant  moments. When this technique is partnered with Carpenter's use of first person camera angles, he creates an intense and truly terrifying atmosphere. This is a horror film that you don't feel like you watch, but one that you experience.

Performances from the as previously mentioned Pleasance and Curtis drive that point home that much greater.What makes Halloween a truly terrifying experience is the unclear motive of the antagonist, Michael Myers. Myers wonders clearly and intelligently. We just never get the inside into what makes this character tick and that's what truly makes him as a character haunting. 

Overall, Halloween (1978) is a genre changing film worthy of its' legacy. It's use of camera angles, first person perspective and music make it a chilling experience. When its' pulled together by strong performances and a well thought out story; it only makes the film that much better. 


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