Batman '89

The Batman logo is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. Having left his mark on video games, novels, comics, movies, television and more. However, it wasn't always this way. Journey back with me to the year, 1989, as America preparing for their first Batman live action incarnation in nearly 20 years. This is the starting point of Bat-Mania's return.


The 1989 movie, Batman, is a year one of sorts for the dark knight. Showcasing the beginning of his one man war on Gotham City's underworld. His first major target, the infamous Jack Napier, now turned Joker. Both actors bringing these iconic characters to live, Michael Keaton & Jack Nicholson, turn in gripping and compelling performances. There's a reason both roles are such iconic with the actors and their careers.

Keaton balances well at the electrifying and humorous nature of Bruce Wayne. That's only matched by his brokenness of losing his parents and the drive to become (& continue being) Batman. Nicholson also delivers a brilliant and memorable performance as The Joker.

This film is literally spinning out of Joker's chaos. Unfortunately, there are moments where its' hard to understand the narrative. Building up numerous story arcs that don't really have a greater purpose.

Overall, Batman (1989), is an entertaining blast that balances great action, wit & insanity all under the same cave. It's an iconic movie which houses brilliant performances from the film's leads of Jack Nicholson & Michael Keaton. An overcrowded narrative though keeps it from being a masterpiece though.



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