The Predator (2018)


I'm remembering a time where the name Olivia Munn is associated with a little show called Attack of the Show. She, here, is nothing more than an entertaining host who talks about video games. Fast forward ten years and I'm anxiously sitting in a theater awaiting Munn's take on my favorite mutant, Psylocke, for X-Men Apocalypse. She was entertaining but still nothing that stands out and pops. Fast forward, another two years and I'm, again, awaiting her latest movie - The Predator.

I'm not honestly, not trying to make this about Olivia Munn. Really. Munn, a biologist in the film, is such a solid standout and scene stealer. To say anything is a massive understatement. She's matched only by the film's Male lead, Boyd Holbrook. The film focuses on Holbrook's character, Quinn, who is on assign and come into contact with a predator after crashing to earth. The rest is a survival trip, set in the vein of 1987's Predator.

The Predator is filled with explosive action and solid fight sequences. It's a bold entry into the franchise that explores new concepts and previously territory for the alien hunters. Where they come from, why they're here, how their technology works and so on. This approach gives a more grounded feel to the sci-fi aspect. Not to mention, having Quinn experience this first hand you get to see the aftermath. The PTSD element of character development isnl excellently handled and adds to the more grounded nature of the film.

However, it also adds a bunch of really unnecessary characters. The ragtag team of misfits all suffering from PTSD in some way, shape or form; add some interesting character moments and witty humor. Outside of that there, there is nothing truly compelling about them. Sad to say, they add an unnecessary layer to the film. As does the Sterling K. Brown character. He's never developed like at all. Randomly shows up and then they try their hardest to change his character completely by the film's third act. Had you removed him, the film would still essentially have been the same outcome. It also suffers from what I call "false endings" - portions in the final act that you think is the end. Surprise, it's not. It does this a couple of times.

Overall, The Predator is a mixed bag of alien goodies. Its filled with boldness that adds depth to the mythology, two scene stealing leads, and entertaining action. However, unnecessary characters, false endings and some pacing issues cause this film to be hunted for its sin. Entertaining and tainted - all in the same breath.


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