Batman & Robin

Ice to meet you here. Sorry I couldn't help it. Long before the existence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we came close to a Batverse. Following the success of 1995's Batman Forever, Warner Brothers set the next Bat flick into production. Had the film succeed it would have spun off not one, but three films. Including a Chris O'Donnell led Nightwing movie, Catwoman with Michelle Pfeiffer returning to the villanious role & another Batman sequel, Batman Triumphant. Now we're merely left with the idea of what could have been. 


Batman & Robin is the sequel to previously mentioned Forever. The film tells the story of tensions running high between the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder as they try and stop the villanious team of Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. Believe me, there is alot more to say about this film but we're just gonna leave it at that. 

At its' core, that's really this film's biggest downfalls is the over complex plot. Throughout its' two hour duration, Robin  establishes six to seven different arcs for the characters. Some that pay off and some that have no business being in here. It leaves the film choked out with numerous plot lines and too many villains. Had this film chosen between Ivy or Freeze, this film could have been epic. Instead, we're left with too many ice puns from the terminator turned ice actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and some grossly over sexualized version of Poison Ivy. Don't forget the despicable depiction of Bane. This film is just too busy. Period.


Despite, its' busy nature the film does manage to leave the viewer entertained.  Whether it's the action sequences, the comedy or the intriguing (and often surprising)  relationship between Bruce and Alfred. I would argue and still say the action sequences are the gems of the film. They offer new territory we haven't really seen Batman tackle before or after in terms of action. The dynamics in drama between Bruce and Alfred showcase a rare dramatic side to the film.

Overall, Batman & Robin will never have the greatest Bat-dynamic or legacy. It's far too busy at any given time. Its' choked out by over-the-top villains, too many character arcs and a force attempt to expand this universe past the batcave. However, it's not all grey skies in Gotham. The film does contain some pretty stellar action sequences and a compelling arc between Alfred and Bruce.


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