Slender Man

Horror movies in the PG-13 don't always have the best representations with the fans of the genre. To be honest, I can't really blame them. Outside of films like A Quiet Place or The Ring, few films with the PG-13 are either of quality or legacy. Unfortunately, Slender Man is gonna end up falling into said category. Slender Man is a creepy pasta star turned video game and now feature film star. The film tells the story of a group of teenage girls who get tempted to summon the legend known as "Slender Man" and ultimately are haunted by the decision. 

The film suffers most from a lack of the titular character. When people go see a movie about Slender Man, they expect to see a movie about Slender Man. Honestly, the rating of the film ultimately leads to its' demise. It chokes the ability to truly be a terrifying film. That truth aside, the film does shine the most during the Slender Man sequences. It's a visual delight to see the change in color palette and cinematography shine in an otherwise sub-par film.

The saddest truth about this film is it could have been great. Containing both elements of Nightmare on Elm Street and The Ring - this film could have been the starting point for a franchise like Friday the 13th, Child's Play, or Saw. It could have been a terrifying start with a hoard of less than stellar sequels. The film embraces just about every horror trope in the book. The chemistry between its' stars is very far and few between. To top it all off, there is not enough 

Overall, Slender Man is a massive missed opportunity. Choked out by horror tropes, terribly acting, and barely enough of the titular character to even begin to create a terrifying atmosphere. However, when Slender Man does take the screen. He provides some of the best visually stunning aspects of the film. Too bad visuals aren't enough to save this nightmare. 


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