Pitch Black

Whether you admit it or not, Vin Diesel has one of the most interesting filmography in Hollywood. Films and franchises like Guardians of the Galaxy, Fast and Furious, Iron Giant and the one that started it all: The Chronicles of Riddick. Enter Ptich Black, the first entry into the Riddick TrilogyBlack tells the story of a crew crash landed on an alien planet and their journey to get the supplies necessary to get back home. There's just one catch, one of their passengers just happens to be a murderer. Yeah, Diesel just happens to be said murderer. 


Believe it or not, Diesel has a lot of charm and mystery to this role. There are numerous scenes, where you can't help but laugh or smile because of something Riddick either said or how he said it. Proves that Diesel has the charm to carry a movie. It is enough to really sell the movie though? Let alone a whole trilogy. The short answer is no. 

There is a lot, and I want to emphasize A LOT, wrong with the pacing of the first act of this film. It feels like a collection of random shots and narrative trying to make a cohesive storyline. The saddest part of this whole thing is that a lot of the content and information given within this first act, don't even really come into the larger picture of the film. A good portion of the first act of the film is searching for water on the planet. A natural and relatable thing story to tell. Throughout the course of this journey, we are hearing all these stories about Riddick that really never come to pass. 


Had these stories been more truth with the delivery of this character, it would have made for a more interesting film. As the film progresses, it slowly transforms into an Alien knock-off, where the characters are trying to cheat death by staying alive. There's alot here that does provide for engaging content. However, this supposed murderer is unwillingly transformed into an anti-hero. 

Overall, Pitch Black is cinematic proof of Vin Diesel's charm even in the worst of situations. His character's back story is embellished a bit too much and his arc isn't as strong as it could have been. With a sloppy first act that slowly develops into a less entertaining AlienBlack is a film riddled with issues but stays alive thanks to its leading man.


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