The Death of Superman (2018)

Hollywood has this weird fascination with reboots and remakes, instead of embracing other source materials or doing something original. When DC Comics announced their brand of animated movies in 2007, their first outing was The Death of Superman. To say it was met with less than stellar reception is an understatement. Fast forward to 11 years and here we are again, another tackling at the classic Dan Jurgens arc. 

As the DC Animated Universe has grown over the course of its' existence, the animation has grown in depth. This film is no different. The animation of Death provides the depth that we've come to know and love. The action shines in the emotional portions of the film, just as strong as is in the action sequences as well. One unique factor of the animation for this film is the ever changing color palette. The palette changes to match the emotion of the what's going on with the story on the screeen.

Another cornerstone of these films has always been the strong voice cast. Yet, again, DC has struck gold again. With a cast boasting the talents of Jerry O'Connel as Superman, Rebecca Romihn as Lois Lane, Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, Jason O'Mara as Batman and the list goes on. However, not all of the voices are golden. The talents of Rainn Wilson's Lex Luthor. Wilson just doesn't fit the menacing nature of Luthor that we've come to know. He just feels miscast in all honesty. 

Luthor, in general, just doesn't belong in this movie. He doesn't serve any purpose to the plot. Outside of an easter egg for the upcoming sequel, The Reign of Supermen, Luthor has really overstays his welcome in the worst of ways. He's not the only flaw with the film. When this reboot was announced a few years ago, it was stated it would be more faithful to the source material. In all honesty, that's not in the least bit true. 


Over the course of the film, Clark's main arc is debating on whether to tell Lois his big secret. The antagonist of the story, Doomsday, is also downplayed in a major way. Instead of being the threat that killed the man of steel, he's diminished to nothing more than a missed opportunity. I say all of that to say, Death of Superman severely lacks the emotional counterpart of its' spirce material. 

Overall, The Death of Superman is a remake with beautiful animation, fantastic voice casting and a color palette that makes the emotion of the screen. However, it's polluted by a lack of emotional connection, a severe misuse of a great character like Lex Luthor and a pathetic villain. Here is a remake that should have simply remained dead. 


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