EPISODE 200: Watchmen (2009)

EPISODE 200: Watchmen (2009)

Episode 200 featuring Dan Rockwood, Brandon Miller, & Thomas Olson.

Three Identical Strangers (& Isn't It, Romantic?)

Three Identical Strangers (& Isn't It, Romantic?)

A shocking cultural phenomenon but rooted in mental health and tragedy. Join us as we discuss mental health, the importance of community, and more!

Belmont & Bones

Thanks to Logan McElroy for our theme & thanks to Candice Comelleri for our art. Thanks to the amazing guests we had this week. It was super a fun time. Go check and support all of their stuff and more importantly if you're suffering with suicide or depression, get help. Shoot over to our contact page or call the suicide lifeline 1-800-273-8255.

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Why is mental health such an important but taboo subject? Find out in this flagship episode of Victims and Villains. Thanks to Andrew Caroon of Island City Comics, Candice Comelleri of Glitter & Shine Creations & The Websters from The Identity Network for joining us for this panel styled episode. Click the links below to educate yourself more. 

What is Mental Health? / Depression Facts /Suicide Facts

Physical Health Facts /GET INVOLVED!