EPISODE 208: Dark Phoenix


Welcome to another adventure within the multiverse! For this adventure, we’re doing some major traveling. We’re going back in time, taking some trips to the cosmic side of Marvel comics and a train…of all places. We’re talking about the Dark Phoenix. First up, we’re joined by Andrew Simpson from Living Fire Gaming as we unpack the original arc within the comics. The fun doesn’t stop there, we’re also joined by Chris Lumzer from the Long Coat Mafia podcast.


For this episode’s Manhattan Media Moment, we’re talking about the original ten issues which made up the Dark Phoenix Saga. The Dark Phoenix Saga ran from January to October 1980. Running from a total of ten issues in The Uncanny X-Men title. Chris Claramont and John Bryne beautifully bring this tragic Shakespearean tale to life. To read our review, click here. Be sure to share your memories of the book below. Check out our review of Bohemian Rhapsody as well.


The X-Men film franchise has been going strong since 2000. It has successfully launched a trilogy with Patrick Stewart & Sir Ian McKellen, a Wolverine trilogy, a duo of Deadpool movies, and four films starring James MacAvoy. Dark Phoenix serves as the final film under the Fox-Marvel banner before the mutants find their way into the MCU. While it’s an end for the gifted youngsters, it’s a beginning for Simon Kimberg. Kimberg has been with the franchise for a while now. However, this film marks his directorial debut.



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