EPISODE 207: Doom Patrol: Season ONe


Welcome to another adventure in the multiverse! For this adventure, buckle up tight and safely because it’s gonna get weird. Weird like people who are bounty hunters by eating the beards of their target. Or weird like facing off against an army of man-eating butts. Yeah, we’re talking about Doom Patrol’s first season. We’re joined by the author of The Fierce Saga, Joshua Howell. We’re unpacking the weird, wild and surprisingly heartfelt first season of DC’s super mature take on this classic group of misfits.


Before we enter into the weird and wonderful, we gotta address the bat within the room. That’s right our two year journey has finally come to an end. In January of 2017, Ben Affleck (or Batfleck) stepped down from directing duties on his solo Batman movie. War for the Planet of the Apes director, Matt Reeves, took over for directing duties. Over these past two years we’ve heard conflicting reports about a new Batman and that Affleck was staying. Now, we officially have our new Batman in Good Time star, Robert Pattinson. What do you think of the casting?


Perhaps one of the biggest things which Doom Patrol had against it was the addition of Jovian Wade’s Cyborg to the team. Cyborg recently made his big screen debut with Ray Fisher in Justice League. Not to mention that Cyborg is typcially a member of the Teen Titans. So it was a bit weird to hear Cyborg joining the Doom Patrol. However, Wade held his own for a truly impactful arc throughout the series’ duration. Not to mention that Brendan Fraser’s Robot Man, Diane Guerrerro’s Crazy Jane, and the rest of the team provide for some truly emotional arcs and offer up a multitude of mental health themes as well.


And more importantly, if you or someone you know is struggling with suicide, addiction, self-harm or depression - please free feel to reach out. Use any our resources, call the suicide lifeline (1-800-273-8255) or text 741-741. 

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