3 Rivers Comic Con (2019)


Welcome to another adventure within the multiverse! For this episode, we are exploring the floor of 3 Rivers Comic Con. 3 Rivers Comic is a convention based out of Pittsburgh, PA. It is indeed the convention where comic books take the center focus. We had the chance to do a panel discussing the correlation between comics and depression. Thanks to K.Lynn Smith and Ghosts of the Stratosphere for joining us for the panel. Huge thanks to 3 Rivers staff for having us and making this episode possible. This episode is filled with a multitude of genres, so it has something for everyone.

Mister Marsh

(Jump to 2:56) Mister Marsh is an independent comic book set in the vein of Doom Patrol. Inspired by a dream of a Marshmallow headed monster, Mister Marsh is a series to keep your eye out. Created by a husband and wife team - the company behind the book is only beginning their monstrous adventure. For more on the book, click here.

So Pro Comics

(Jump to 13:40) So Pro comics is an all ages company. Featuring books like Bluff Creek, Bert and Woodrow’s Last Adventure, The Impossible Family & Heroic 9.0 - So Pro explores themes of horror, adventure and fantasy. Crafting worlds that deal with Big Foot origins, superhero generations clashing and an ode to Shazam - So Pro offers something for all ages. For more on the company, click here.

Travis Horseman

(Jump to 24:38) Travis is a writer behind the roman epic Amiculus: A Secret History. The story explores the fictional history behind what really brought Rome down all those years ago. It is told over the course of three graphic novels. On the flip side, Horseman is also the writer behind the horror one-shot, Sugar Creek. Sugar Creek explores the roots of a town build on land that has been wasted. For more information, click here

Phineus & Piffle Productions

(Jump to 34:10) We’ve been at this show for a few years now. We’ve met people who have been doing independent comics for a few years but Barry Linck is unlike anyone else you’ve ever met in that regard. Linck is the writer and creator behind the independent book series, Phineus. Phineus is about a wizard and his adventure. The book has been going strong for over 25 years and is currently celebrating 80 plus issues. Not to mention, the title has spawned off two other series. For more on the series, click here.

The Fisherman

(Jump to 45:05) The Fisherman is the result of what happens when Aquaman meets Mexican wrestling. To top it off, creator Aaron Linderman is also part of the creator team behind a book on roller derby. For more information, click here.

Golden Tree Publishing

(Jump to 51:31) Golden Tree Publishing is a publication specializing in two books. On one hand, Eta is a fantasy series set in fugal Japan of a samurai. Drawing inspiration from history - Eta is an authentic look into history and the Japanese culture with fantastic influence. On the other hand, Unicorn Melee. Melee tells the story of an injured unicorn coming back to health and more. For more on these books, click here.

Joseph Schmalke

(Jump to Hour 3 Minutes) Joseph Schmalke is an artist at heart. However, he is also the creator behind the gothic books - The Infernal Pact and Electric Black. For more information, click here.

Lepus Studios

(Jump to Hour 13 Minutes) Lepus Studios is the publication behind an array of books and games playing homage to the early days of video games. Draconis Wicked, Super Smash Opera & more make up this house of talent. For more information, click here.

Robert Hack

(Jump to Hour 25 Minutes) There’s a lot of you that have probably seen Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Before it haunted the streaming services, Sabrina was actually a comic book from Archie’s imprint, Afterlife with Archie. We’re sitting down with the artist behind that book: Mr. Robert Hack. Hack was also had the chance to work on Elvira, Doctor Who & Batman/ The Spirit.

Will O’ Shire

(Jump to Hour 39 Minutes) Will O’ Shire is a fantasy author crafting a mythology through novels and short stories. Infusing Celtic mythologies such as leprechauns and unicorns into his books; Will is crafting some truly unicorn stories. For more information, click here.

Roxy Webcomic

(Jump to Hour 47 Minutes) Do you love comics but don’t have enough time in the day to appreciate them or read them the way you like? Check out the web comic, Roxy, from creator Jessica Robinson. Robinson tackles a plethora of mental health topics along with pop culture topics as well. With new shorts released every Wednesday - this is one comic we urge people to follow. For more information, click here.

And more importantly, if you or someone you know is struggling with suicide, addiction, self-harm or depression - please free feel to reach out. Use any our resources, call the suicide lifeline (1-800-273-8255) or text 741-741. 

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