Welcome to another adventure within the multiverse! For this adventure, we are traveling back to 1999 and discussing the global phenomenon that was and is Pokemon. We’re diving deep into the evolution of the franchise over the past twenty years. How the franchise has developed from a Game Boy game to anime and manga and global machine. This episode reflects on The First Movie and the live action debut of the pocket monsters in Detective Pikachu.



Pokemon started as a video game franchise that, much like it’s stars, evolved as its’ popularity grew. Moving from the digital realm to the printed pages of the manga genre. Until it eventually grew to the visual medium with a television series and 1999’s Pokemon: The First Movie or as it may have been called Mewtwo Strikes Back. Journey back with us as we revisit this first entry into the theatrical realm of the Pokemon’s world. Drop your memories below of the movie.


Detective Pikachu ushers the franchise into brand new territory - live action. Ryan Reynolds, himself, brings the famous Pokemon, Pikachu to life. Delivering his signature humor to the famous critter. Detective Pikachu is filled with wonder, detail and beauty. Pikachu gives viewers more than they’re expect. Addressing themes of grief, acceptance and more. This world is filled with brilliant beauty, glorious art and plenty of depth that adult swim will be called. To check out our full review, click here.


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