EPISODE 191: Hope Speaks Louder: Tim Sterling & The Dirt (2019)


Welcome to another adventure in the multiverse! We are so glad you decided to join us on this rocking journey throughout the biopic, The Dirt. For this journey, we are joined by Tim Sterling. This is a very special episode in and of that very fact. When discussing this film we are coming at it from two different angles. From someone who has read the book of which the movie is based on. For that fact, also read it’s companion piece, The Heroin Diaries. Then you, have me, someone who knows mild history of the source material and is looking at this film solely as a film.


As I previously had mentioned this is a very special episode because of Tim. Tim is a veteran who served in two tours to Iraq in the early 2000’s. He served specifically in the marines. Returning home from war isn’t always the easiest thing to come home to. PTSD is a very real thing and side note, if you need help or resources because you suffer —> make sure you click here for those resources. Tim turned to heroin in order to cope with circumstances in his life. This is his story. This is his vcitory.


The Dirt is based on the 2001 autobiography of the same name. The book tells the story of the rise and fall and rise again of the 1980s hair metal band, Motley Crue. This Netflix original is the adaption of the book. Some of the elements translate well and some don’t quite rock as hard as others. Join us as we unfold this film and we’re taken through the history of the band from a super fan. To read our full review, click here.


And more importantly, if you or someone you know is struggling with suicide, addiction, self-harm or depression - please free feel to reach out. Use any our resources, call the suicide lifeline (1-800-273-8255) or text 741-741. 


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