Nightwing: The New Order


Welcome to another adventure in the multiverse! This episode is for fans of Marvel's Civil War or Captain America: Civil War - it's just with DC characters. Set in the year 2040, Nightwing has found a way to eliminate powers within the metahuman communities. What happens the very thing you're fighting against finds its ways into your own home? Join us as we discuss the weird history of Nightwing, his and her past. As well as his future within the confides of the Kyle HiggIns, political thriller, Nightwing: The New Order.  Staff writer, Brandon Miller, joins to tear this comic series wide open.



To most people Nightwing has always been the Batman sidekick turned vigilante. It may surprise you to know but that hasn’t always been the case. The mantle has been worn by more four other individuals within the DC Comics Universe. Both within the Superman mythos and Batman mythos. Before we talk about the book’s future setting, journey back to unpack the past nature of the Bludhaven hero.


Author, Kyle Higgins, is one of the most underrated voices in our generation in the comic book medium. Within the course of this episode, we talk a lot about his works outside of The New Order. Most notably his run on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series from BOOM Studios and his Nightwing run for DC Comic’s NEW 52. Past that, we also recommend Batman: White Knight, Shazam by Geoff Johns, Power Girl by Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Connor and The Power of Shazam!

Plus, we’re also sitting down with Necro-Man artist, Jason Seaux. He’s unloading some exclusive details on the direction of the series and what readers can expect coming into the second issue and beyond.



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