Hellboy: Seed of Destruction


Welcome to another adventure within the multiverse! We are just a few weeks away from David Harbour suiting up as cult favorite character, Hellboy. We couldn’t be more excited to experience the latest vision of the character. To celebrate and prepare we are diving into the character’s debut comic series, Seed of Destruction. For this adventure, we are joined by website contributor, Brandon Miller, and Rob Stewart, of Ghost of the Stratosphere.



While Hellboy made his debut in the comics in December 1993 in Next Men #21. It wasn’t until March 1994 that the character made his debut with Seed of Destruction. The series consisted of four issues and was groundbreaking for the Hellboy mythos. Introducing the likes of mythology regular villain, Rasputin, Hellboy’s allies in Liz and Abe, B.P.R.D. and more. The series is a dual Eisner award winning series. Not to mention that it served as the basic blueprint for the 2004 Guilermo Del Toro movie.


Hellboy is a weird character in and off himself. He is a demon summoned forth by a Nazi cult led by Rasputin. Destruction follows the B.P.R.D. goes to investigate the death of their mentor. Their investigation leads them to Cavendish manor where they are reconnected to series villain, Rasputin, once more. Offering up weird lizard people, a plague of frogs, and a villain that just won’t die. Destruction is a beautiful story but comes equipped within even stronger art.



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