Third Shift Society #1

Gather around the campfire for a ghost story. After all, who doesn't love a good ghost story? Enter Third Shift Society from Meredith Moriarty, a book spinning out of our Great Philadelphia Comic Con coverage.

Society focuses on a pair of paranormal investigators, Ellie and Ichabod. Ellie is s sweet and somewhat innocent girl, at least from what we see in this first issue. Ichabod is a detective with a pumpkin head and a gentle, yet hostile approach to his line of work. The two get hired to find out why a house is haunted.

The blessing and curse of the book is its self contained. It finishes what it starts. It's great when books do just that because it allows for readers to jump onto the book at various points. However, it's also this book's biggest flaw. In its delivery, it honestly feels a bit rushed. A mystery and story that would have been better paired over the course of 2 to 3 issues. That's not to say the book isn't entertaining. This issue is so satisfying that you will desire more.

There is such a depth to the art of this book here. It actually gives the big two a run for their money. Moriarty pulls double duty in also producing the art for this book. It almost like animation calls actually make up the panels. This is art you'll be talking about for a while.

Overall, Third Shift Society #1, is a fun and well told story. Its' self contained nature makes the story feel choked but leaves you entertained nonetheless. The art rivals the art of classic Disney films but with more glow, shine and depth. Third Shift Society is a recommendation to not only read, but follow.


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Check out Third Shift Society author, Meredith Moriarty, on our show below.