The Nun

Spinning its way out of The Conjuring 2, comes The Nun. Which is the fifth film in The Conjuring Universe. For this trip, we're going back to Romania circa 1952. The Nun tells the story of a catholic priest and nun investigating a parish following the suicide of a fellow nun. 

Strong performances from Taissa Farmiga & Demian Bichir lead the way into this haunting history lesson. Probably the films best move though is some of the solo moments which follow with the lead actors. Following in the footsteps of A Quiet Place, the film exquisitely makes the most with silence. This allows the film to create a more terrifying and surprising atmosphere. Which in the long run makes the scares of the film more genuine. James Wan's touch on this franchise does continue past him. Director, , does a marvelous job at creating a terrifying look to the film. While also delivering some art house moments. 


This latest cinematic chapter into The Conjuring Universe, does a brilliant job at its' connective tissue, similar to the MCU. However, that's not to say the film isn't without its faults. There are a couple times where the plot tries to offer up some humor. But unlike The Conjuring 2's Elvis sequence, it falls flat and lacks the heart. There are also parts in the arc of Father Burke that take up a bit too much of screen time. They are valuable to the plot, but what could have merely remained a screen develops into an actual arc. 

Overall, The Nun is a scary trip back to the Conjuring Universe that follows strongly in the veins of its source material. While also brilliantly standing on it's own. Its led by two strong actors, fantastically used silence to create genuine fear & wisely paces itself. However, it's not without its sin. Wasting a bit of its connection by underdevelopment, lackluster humor & some wasted screen time. 


FINAL SCORE: 3.5 / 5

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