Cinema is a rather unique medium. In our day and age, we are flooded with constant media. Thanks to the ever growing market of superhero movies, Netflix, and ever growing franchises. Personally, I love discussing film as a medium. I'm so passionate about it - I even have a film roll tattooed on my right arm. One of my first questions, I often ask new people are their favorite and least favorite films and why they either like or hate them. In my experience, I've found through these conversations that film is able to allow us to escape the reality of our own world and dive into a new one.

What if you couldn't escape though? What if you were actually stuck in the very thing you use to escape? That's the exact situation, Natalie played by Rebel Wilson, finds herself in with the new Rom-Com, Isn't It, Romantic? After a mugging experience gone wrong, Natalie is placed into a PG-13 romantic comedy. Which also happens to be the bane of her existence. Honestly, some parts of this film the audience can testify they too share in that bane.

Romantic is both parts sweet. On one hand, you have Rebel Wilson who turns a hilarious and surprising emotional performance. Her arc lends to the more rooted side of an otherwise fantastical movie. Her arc speaks volumes about how negative words spoken over us can have a deadly and lasting affect. Joining her for this journey is fellow Pitch Perfect star, Adam Devine. These two make the entirety of the film. Their chemistry is electric & honestly feed so well off one another.


That electricity isnt enough to keep the sour taste of the film from viewers. The film spends a good ten minutes within the first act explaining the toxicity of the genre - only to embrace them extensively throughout its duration. While a portion of Romantic, is indeed a spoof, that magic quickly wears off and drags on. Wilson & Devine are the stars of the film without a doubt - there are portions of this film that feel like rehashes from their previous endeavors. Yes, there is an acapella scene because Pitch Perfect. Even the twist of the story feels a bit like Devine's Netflix comedy, When We First Met.

Overall, Isn't It, Romantic?, is just okay. Its fueled by hilarious performances from its' leads of Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine. Their chemistry is electrifying and Wilson has an arc that really speaks to women of modern day. Even these two aren't enough to save though. Romantic has embraced every trope in the rom-com genre, except the kitchen sink. The novelty of its spoof nature quickly wears off quickly. Romantic it might be in the world of this movie but not always to the viewer.



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