MOVIE REVIEW: Happy Death Day 2U

We're living an age of remakes, reboots and franchises. Whether we like it or not, this re-imagining movement is upon us. This year alone we are preparing to see new variations on Aladdin, Child's Play, IT, The Lion King & more. Some of us welcome these films and some of us loathe them and long for new, original ideas. There are some properties within Hollywood that are viewed as sacred and shouldn't be touched. Let them stand in their original artistic vision and brilliance. To most, Back to the Future, is a prime example. The first outing of Marty McFly and Doc Brown is almost a near perfect cinematic perfection that many argue couldn't be duplicated. What if instead of a redo on Future, we got something that pays homage and is just as equally amazing?


In 2017, we were introduced to a fresh spin on the Groundhog Day concept in Happy Death Day. Well reset your clocks because the sequel has arrived. When they first announced a sequel, I honestly wasn't sold on the idea. The first film set the bar so high in turns of character development, humor, heart and horror. Yet Tree, played wonderfully once again by Jessica Rothe, is stuck in another loop.

Happy Death Day 2U is the Back to the Future of the horror genre. The film is packed full of humor, heart and of course, horror. While those three were the core values of its' predecessor, 2U manages to outsmart the first film and pull ahead. This time-traveling sequel is both fantastical and grounded. Scientifically explaining why this loop keeps occurring. Beyond that the fill manages to direct our attention to the first film's side characters and give them purpose for this film.

We spent the first act seeing everything through Ryan Phan's eyes. An interesting move to take cinematically considering all we knew of him prior was that he slept in his car and was a roommate to Tree's boyfriend, Carter. Writer/Director, Christopher Landon, ultizies Ryan along with Lori, David and more with such purpose and vision. Landon crafts a story that brilliantly finds purpose for every character, no matter how big or small. Adding the scientific evidence of the film's plot, not only gives it a grounded feel but an intelligent tone as well.

The deadly trio that made the first film so great were heart, humor and horror. All of which return in spades for the sequel. There are numerous quieter moments between characters that allow for the heart within the film to shine. Not to mention, it demonstrates that a horror film can aim for the heartstrings. When it does so, it does it utter perfection. These moments are a thing of pure cinematic beauty.


Overall, Happy Death Day 2U, is a horror anomaly. Proving that itself with heart, humor and intelligence. The plot Brilliantly welcomes a scientific element that takes an otherwise fantastical story and makes it grounded. Jessica Rothe returns to the loop with sheer flawlessness and lending a massive heart for the story. Happy Death Day 2U is nothing short of perfection and is a journey that would make Doc Brown, a proud man.



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