Rise of the Mask

When it comes to The Mask, chances are most people can tell you about the 1994 film of the same name starring Jim Carrey in his prime. The other end, you could also hear about the despised sequel, Son of the Mask. If you get the really “hardcore” fans, you can hear about the briefly lived cartoon. Though I would guess few people could tell you of his comic origins. Until now, thanks to filmmakers like Lance Kawas, Dylan Sides & the countless other talents behind the short film, Rise of the Mask.

Rise serves as the prequel to the upcoming full length film, Revenge of the Mask. It tells the story of Loki and his brother's battle with what to do with the mask once it comes into their possession. The film feels almost like the shorts Warner Brothers released in anticipation with Blade Runner 2049 with Sapper Morton & Niander Wallace.

For such a short film, the film definitely uses every ounce of screen time with precious merit. Almost feeling like perfection in a bottle. The cinematography is rich and has so much depth to it. The music aligned with the fight choreography as well continues to prove the level of perfection for this film. It's not just the behind the screen that makes this so memorable, its the actors who bring this forth. Rise sets the bar high for the follow-up. Great fight scenes, visuals and strong acting definitely make this a short film you don’t want to miss.