Let's be honest most of the movie going general population doesn't know the name Nicolas Cage. If they do, his name doesn't carry the same merit it once did. Cage has developed himself into one of the hardest working actors in the industry today. Only catch is, it's all films you either haven't heard of or won't watch. You may want to consider changing that mentality for this one and get to know the name of Nicolas Cage once more.


His latest film, Mandy, tells the story of a secluded married couple whose life gets overturned by a cult. During the aftermath of such events, Cage's character, Red, goes out for revenge against the cult. Cage isn't the only name you should remember after experiencing Mandy; writer/director Panos Cosmatos crafts a visually rich and beautiful story. Seriously the visuals alone make this a film to watch. The marriage between reality, the red and purple tints with animation and more is an astounding one of a kind visual experience. Only being Cosmatos’ second film, he had crafted a unique voice that will indeed help him to stand out in future projects. Linus Roache, as the film's antagonist in the leader of the cult, is another phenomenal performance. Completely unhinged and electrifying in the same breath. Roache and Cage are equally competing for the best actor of the film.


Mandy has such a strong story to tell too. It's a raw, real and honest tale of how an individual handles grief. Point blank. The development of this story is utter cinematic performance. Building up the marriage of Red and Mandy, then the cult and having their story merge together. It's such a well paced film.

Overall, Mandy, is a film to truly be experienced. From its shining performances in Cage and Roache, its’ stunning and unique visuals, use of symbolism and honestly the list goes on. Creating a genuine and honest portrait of grief, it's a raw and emotional ride from start to finish.


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