Halloween: Resurrection

Don't you just hate it when something decent is tainted by laziness? Yeah, me too. Enter the unfortunate mess that is Halloween Resurrection. If film history has taught us anything it's that something is good and profitable, more clones are coming. Following 1999's smash hit, The Blair Witch Project, we're treated to the latest horror craze - found footage. Full disclosure, when its executed right, this is a genre that can create real terror. That's not here though.


Resurrection tells the story from the point of view from Sarah, a naive college girl who gets accepted into an internet experiment known as "Dangertainment". Dangertainment is the brainchild of Busta Rhymes' "Freddie" & Tyra Banks' "Nora". The idea of the internet show is easy - survive one night in the house of Michael Myers. On the surface, this seems like a brilliant idea and way to breathe new breath into the franchise. The execution though? That's a whole different story.

I guess for this one, we need to start at the beginning. I mean, how do you even do a sequel to H20? The ending seemed pretty final and definitive - yet in their explanation of how what we thought was the end wasn’t really. It treats the audience like a bunch of kindergartners learning the alphabet for the first time. The first act of the film just seems unnecessary. Almost as if they had this idea but before they could do it, they had to explain every last aspect. Then jump into the movie that you can't to see. Honestly, that just creates an uneven movie and presents it sloppy, at best.


When it finally does embrace the story it set out to told, its filled to the brink of uninteresting, underdeveloped and cliche characters. This film is a cash grab to say the least. Rhymes could be the worst offender of the film though. He's over acting for the entirety of Resurrection. His screen performance alone is just what makes this particular entry so cringe worthy.

Overall, Halloween Resurrection, is dead on arrival. It treats its audience like kindergartners from its first frame. Its filled to the brink with uninspiring characters, a leading man who over acts. To say Resurrection has anything redeeming about it would be an insult to the very word of redemption.


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