Halloween : H2O


It's been 20 years since the events of the first film and for the characters involved it's gotta be a pretty terrifying reality to cope with. There are certain moments in life that are just hard to deal with period. No matter how much you talk about them, or find ways to cope with; these moments can have a tendency to stick with us. Being the sole survivor of a massacre in the 70s will definitely stick with you. Halloween: H20 picks up 20 years after the events of the 1981's Halloween II. It showcases how Laurie Strode, now Karen Tate, has coped with said events and her effort to raise a son as a single mother in a private school. Michael, of course, comes back to kill his baby sitter.

After multiple attempts in the Halloween franchise to make their antagonist an immortal killing machine - this film both embraces but kind of tries to ground itself. That's really the film's biggest problem, is both the tonal consistency & its franchise consistency. Take the Laurie Strode character for one. The first two thirds her character is written as a functioning alcoholic. Drinking as a means to escape this tragedy that befell her and her friends all those years ago. Yet the final act, you're quick to action and brave. Or even the question of the franchise. There are moments where they are pretending they didn’t happen. Other scenes where they hint that they are canon.

Don't get me wrong, the tone problems aside, H20 has some solid performances from Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Williams & Josh Hartnett. Josh Hartnett makes his film debut with this one and what an impression he makes. Harnett boasts a wide range of talent for this one. Showcasing a tense yet loving relationship with Curtis. While also providing the role of heart throb with his electrifying scenes with Michelle Williams.

H20 paces itself decently for the most part. Again, I'll emphasize - most part. H20 does a good job at building up its characters and their arcs. Even grooming Michael to be scary again. Then someone in the third act, it's just gets sloppy. Characters die quickly, Strode is no longer an alcoholic, & Michael no longer terrifying.

Overall, Halloween: H20, is a film with potential that evidently found dead on arrival. Its filled with brilliant performances from its leads in Curtis, Harnett & Williams. It builds itself decently for the most part but falls apart in the final act. Its filled with inconsistencies, both within this film and the franchise.



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