Ivana Trump's For Love Alone

Ivana Trump’s For Love Alone is a movie adaption of her best-selling book of the same name that was published in 1992.  The movie chronicles the highs and lows of a Czechoslovakian skier and model named Katrinka.  When at a young age she has a child with a married movie director she is persuaded to give the baby up for adoption after his birth and almost immediately regrets it.  The movie follows her attempts to find the son she gave up.  She flees the Soviet Union and happens to meet a powerful and wealthy American business tycoon, named Adam Graham.  She falls in love with him and they are quickly married.  Being his wife gives her access to resources that allows her to hire a private detective agency to track down her long lost progeny.  But even with all these resources it still takes years to find him.  In the meantime Katrinka tries to make Adam proud of her by becoming successful in his world.  But her successes only makes him resent her and drives a wedge in their marriage.

I found myself enjoying this film more than I expected.  It will certainly appeal to fans of life-time movies but it also has a warmth to it that is very appealing in its own right.  Katrinka comes across as a sweet-natured and good hearted woman who never gives up.  Her only real fault as presented in this movie is that she falls too quickly and easily in love.  This leads to her getting hurt and betrayed a lot throughout the film.  But she doesn’t grow bitter.  Instead she keeps on believing that love will win out. And in the end her faith in love is paid off as she finally gets the right people around her.  It’s the unwavering determination of this character to always do right by others that makes this plucky hero so watchable. 


The film is not without its flaws, however.  It covers a lot since much happens to Katrinka in a relatively short amount of time.  For that reason we never get to delve too much into any of the supporting characters that flit in and out of her life.  The one exception to this is Adam Graham.  The scenes between those two carry the most weight in the flick, in my opinion.  Also because we are taken through so many events sometimes the dialogue can seem a little forced.  Almost like they are shoe-horning dialogue in order to move an aspect of the story along or introduce a new occurrence.  This doesn’t happen often but I did notice it from time to time.  This film might also not appeal to those who like deep and troubled characters.  Katrinka is most definitely the heroine of this story and she really has no other drastic flaws aside from the fact that she is naive with her belief in love.  There isn’t a ton of complexity beyond this.  The rest of the characters are also equally straightforward for the most part. 

That being said even though the film has some hiccups the story is very uplifting and will leave you with the warm fuzzies.  Katrinka’s heart of gold is inspiring.  The beginning scenes might seem a little melodramatic but this only helps us to root for Katrinka later and understand that even when life gives us tough breaks we should still believe in the goodness of people and persevere.  Katrinka never wavers in showing love and its feels good to see her finally get rewarded for it in the face of so many hardships. 


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Matthew Basile

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