XCT Vol. 3: Breakout

Xtreme Champion Tournament(XCT) Vol. 3: Breakout is an action packed extravaganza.  The story takes place in a future world where ancient legendary heroes, monsters and villains have been cloned and brought back to life to fight for entertainment in a gladiatorial like competition televised all over the world. 

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Although I have not read the previous two volumes of XCT this seems like a pivotal issue and a great jumping on point for anyone who wants to start following this series.  Written by Ben Rosenthal and illustrated by Alex Malyshev this issue involves an explosion at the arena that gives the warriors an opportunity to escape.  Spartacus though being a true hero doesn’t want to see the villainous warriors run amok in the world.  Even though he doesn’t like his current fate he knows that innocents will suffer if they are all set free.  He rallies a group to try and prevent a full on “jail break”.  The entire issue centers around the struggles of the different warriors and how they try to react to this opportunity given to them.  When it’s all done the XCT universe may never be the same again.

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This issue is jammed back with battles and action.  The art is crisp and fits the story well.  About four of these warriors make choices that will have profound ramifications on this world.  This moves their characters arcs forward in interesting ways.  I was left at the end of the issue anxious to see where things go and how it all will play out.  I highly recommend this series to readers who like exciting action and larger than life battles, heroes, and villains. 



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Matthew Basile

Matthew Basile has been dreaming up stories in his head for as long as he can remember. He loved stories of all kinds growing up and has always been enthralled by other worlds. He is thrilled to finally be able to share his own stories with others. Besides storytelling he also loves nature and especially loves combining those two passions. His first novella, Brandon's Fairy Tale, is currently available on Amazon. He is also working on his first comic book called Wolf’s Howl with a Kickstarter coming in October 2018 for it. Matthew currently lives in New Jersey with his two dogs, Molly and Buddy.