EPISODE 233: Friday the 13th: Part II


Welcome to another adventure within the multiverse and Happy Friday the 13th! It seems like so long since we've taken a trip to the Voorhees Universe to discuss Friday the 13th! However, the wait is now over! Last year, we started an adventure to cover every single JASON VOORHEES movie but only on Friday the 13th. Back your bags for Camp Crystal Lake for another round with the slasher icon because Friday the 13th is upon us. The original Friday the 13th is such a beloved classic. Though, how does fare against its' predecessor? In this episode, we're discussing everything from the humanizing factor of Jason Voorhees, mythology building, the film's use of grief and more. Plus, as a bonus, we're sitting down with special effects studio, Amos SFX. Plus a very special shout out to A Brook Reading Podcast for one of our recreation elements within the episode.


The driving force behind the first film was the vengeance and mystery of Pamela Voorhees. Its’ sequel takes place five years after the events of the first film and tends to explore a bit more depth than the other entries into the film. Namely this film drives deep into the grief process for slasher icon, Jason Voorhees. Though this film takes place before his iconic hockey mask, it manages to deeply explore themes of grief, processing and how to move on after the death of a parent. We even enlisted the help of fellow podcaster, Melissa, of the Brook Reading podcast to recreate one of the character’s monologues on the subject.


The marketing behind the film was simply that sentence. Friday the 13th: Part II proves that bigger is not always better. One of the biggest downfalls to the film is its tendency to overstretch itself over a large cast with no development or purpose - simply to just die. If you would like to read our review, click here. The high body count for this sequel proves some great special effects had to come into play. Though, for this episode, we’re discussing the second Friday. We’re also sitting down with independent special effects artists, Matt & Ogre Amos, or AmosSFX to discuss their origins and work in the field. Not to mention, we have a minor tutorial for those of you interested in getting into the field.