EPISODE 225: Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling


Welcome to another adventure within the multiverse! For this episode, hold onto your VHS players because we’re blasting into the 21st century with our heroes – Rocko, Heifer and Filbert. The last we saw our heroes they were floating through space with only their companionship and the singular episode of The Fatheads. Now, they’re back in our modern times. A time of dark superhero movies, energy drinks, technical evolution and social media. Join us and Caless Davis, as we take a deep dive into this surprisingly deep animated movie from creator Joe Murray, Nickelodeon and Netflix.



Rocko’s Modern Life has always existed for that goofy and irrelevant era of Nickelodeon in the 90s. Reflecting back on the show as an adult, it feels more like an adult show disguised as a kid show. With Static Cling that signature humor turns but it also delivers something else that isn’t merely adult humor. This movie comes equipped with adult themes as well. Boldly tackling themes of capitalism, gender identity and depression. The movie dares to start conversation that we are in desperate need to be having.


These times are a-changing. A lot has changed since the series ended its’ run initially in 1996. Rocko and friends return after a long voyage in space and are thrusted into a modernized Metropolis of technological advancement. Rocko’s Modern Life has always been a weird and out there show. This crouch into modern territory only solidifies it eve more. Static Cling presents a smart narrative which has much to say in wake of our technical advancement and social media craze.



And more importantly, if you or someone you know is struggling with suicide, addiction, self-harm or depression - please free feel to reach out. Use any our resources, call the suicide lifeline (1-800-273-8255) or text 741-741.

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