Simply San Diego Vol. IV


Welcome to another adventure within the multiverse! Grab your passports because we’re heading to San Diego, California to talk about the biggest stories pouring out of San Diego Comic Con. This is basically Christmas for us, nerds! This episode has a bit of something for everyone. Join us as we talk about the biggest stories in film, fantasy, streaming, horror and more. This year we’ve got a great crew joining us: returning host, Kody “The Poet” Ball, Jessica Robinson of Roxy Comics and making her debut, cosplayer Kayla Day!



It: Chapter One scared audiences almost two years. It successfully garnered the record for the highest grossing horror film of all time BUT it was only half of the story. Taking place 27 years after the first film, the Losers Club is back with James MacAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Jake Weary, Jay Ryan, James Ransome, Isaiah Mustafa, and Andy Bean to face off against the entity, Pennywise. To hear our review of the first film, click here. IT: Chapter Two opens September 6th, 2019.


If you were one of many would caught the sequel, Halloween 2018 last year, you know that Michael is still alive. Somehow because seriously immortality must be nice. For months now, we have known that we were getting a sequel to last year’s smash horror hit. Only catch was we didn’t know to what capacity and who was returning to finish out the story. Blumhouse now confirms that director David Gordon Green will return. As will Jamie Lee Curtis. Two sequels will finish out the saga of Michael and Laurie. To hear our review of Halloween 18, click here. Halloween Kills opens October 16th, 2020. Halloween Ends opens October 15th, 2021.



When you talk to any fans of the Terminator movies, chances are they will tell you T2: Judgment Day is the highlight of the franchise. Arguably one of the strongest factors within the franchise. T2 hits theaters in 1991. It is now 2019, and we are only a few months away from Terminator: Dark Fate. Dark Fate will see the return of Linda Hamilton, James Cameron & Arnold Schwarzenegger. The sequel is said to be a true, authentic sequel to T2 - almost ignoring everything after. While their panel didn’t give us a new trailer, we did get news that John Connor, himself, Edward Furlong would be returning when Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters November 1, 2019.



Snowpiercer was a 2013 movie with an impressive cast that included Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, Ed Harris and more. It’s been a long in development but it’s time to revisit the world of the second ice age and the sacred engine. TBS is gearing up for their prequel series to the Evans film. While this year’s comic con panel only gave us an extremely brief teaser, we have our first images as well. Currently the series is set to premiere at some point within 2020. We are also talking about the Evans movie. To read our full review, click here.



First it was a book series. Then it was a video game series. Now it is one of the most anticipated television series from Netflix. The series is a fantasy thriller set to take flight Winter 2019.


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