Child's Play


Welcome to another adventure within the multiverse! For this episode, we are journeying into the past and present to talk all about Child’s Play. We’re teaming up with the dudes from Franchise Fatigue podcast to talk about the original 1988 Child’s Play and the modern reboot from Seth Grahame-Smith, David Katzenberg (and more) or as they’re known in the horror world, the producers of IT.



A big bulk of Child’s Play marketing came from tearing down its’ box-office competitor, Toy Story 4. Slowly releasing posters which killed off the famous toys one by one. Similar to its competitor, it was often met with the question: is this reboot truly necessary? Is it something that is a worthy companion for the Chucky franchise? Especially with continuing story with franchise veterans, Brad Dourif and Don Mancini. Where does it land here for you? To read our full review, click here.


In some ways, Child’s Play 2019 version is vastly different from its’ source material. It’s different in its’ delivery, that Chucky is a robot gone evil. Still, Chucky does have a legitimate and faithful fan base. The voice of Chucky had to be his own but also bring iconic status to the slasher icon. Look now further than the voice of the Joker himself, Mark Hamill. As we said in our delivery, Hamill delivers a sympathetic, creepy and horrifying vision of the character. With Chucky being introduced into modern audiences, it’s also introducing a social commentary on technology and our modern consumption.



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