Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers (Gut Reactions)

If you’re reading this or rather listening to this right now, you may be a bit confused. Why is thereturn of this podcast on a completely separate RSS feed or website? The truth is life. In the midst of planning for this massive event, which we have dubbed, Haddonfield Homecoming. We, at Victims and Villains, planned a series of crossovers, original content and spin off episodes to cover all ten Halloween films. A show known as Gut Reactions was apart of this vision. About a month on the heels of this episode’s premiere the show’s host, Eric Skwarczynski felt it was a bit too much for him to continue doing his podcast. We offered to premiere their portion of the show here on our feed. Eric is a great guy and he had a terrific podcast. I seriously can not offer or speak highly of it enough. It’s filled with raw love and passion. I was honored to do to have him be apart of this event. Please go check out his show while you still can.


Capt. Nostalgia @ Victims and Villains

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Music and production by Eric Skwarczynski. The Great Gatsby is property of Warner Brothers. We do not own nor claim any rights.