Predator (1987)

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In Mission Impossible: Fallout, we discussed how the fight sequences were made that much more intense by featuring little to no music. For Predator (1987) the scenes are mostly little to no dialogue but feature a lot of orchestration from Alan Silvestri. However are these scenes robbed of what could be an intense moment gearing up for the fight between Dutch & Predator? Let us know in the comments below. Hit play above though to hear our thoughts on this subject.


Whether you like to admit it or not, Predator did spin off into a franchise and a legacy of its' own. Covering a series of comics and crossovers from Dark Horse Comics and a couple of sequels; Predator does contain some truly iconic moments. Though, is it worthy of a legacy past its' first entry? We're journeying deep into the heart of the jungle to answer this one and coming at it from two different stand points. Make sure you leave your thoughts below.


Jesse Ventura wrote a book in 1999. The book was entitled I Ain't Go Time to Bleed. Ventura was also a featured cast member of this 80s classic hero. The title of the book actually comes from a line in this movie. Join us as we discuss how what could have been a throwaway line strikes back to mean more than you might think.

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