The Death of Superman (2018)

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Previously discussed in our Simply San Diego: Vol. 3 (Part Two) episode with Josh Howell, we're jumping back into the pool that is the 2019 DC Animation Slate. With next year bringing us HushJustice League vs Fatal FiveWonder Woman: Bloodlines, and The Reign of the Supermen. Which movie are you most excited for? Make sure you let us know in the comment section below.


There is a lot of hatred towards the original version of the film. Kicking off in 2007, The Death of Superman was the original launch time for the animation line we know and love today. However, fans of the source material and the big blue boy scout don't exactly remember it fondly. While we've covered the source material in this past spring, we're revisiting it for this new film and discussing should this have been a remake worth making. If you've seen this movie, what do you think: was it worth the remake?


For this episodes, Roads to Hope moment, we're analyzing Wonder Woman's first battle with the beast. The princess provides a priceless moment that leaves us in awe of standing up to depression. To hear more about what we had to say make sure you hit play or the download button. 

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