The Incredibles II

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If you're new to this page or podcast, over the past month we've been diving into the themes of 13 Reasons Why's sophomore season. A lot of the content that we've touched on thus far has dealt heavily with sexual assault and raising awareness for hope. To be honest, this episode was intended to be a lighter theme and just the latter half of a crossover on a Disney movie. I debated for two days to include a brief discussion on the Chloe Dykstra open letter about her assault. 

In the end, we simply read the post in full. Not to take a side or bash either party involved but to shine a light on a real reality. If some of this discussion is something that you or someone you know is going through, please click the bannner below to open the RAINN chat, or call 1-800-656-4673. 



This is a the second part to our crossover with our friends, Superhero Movie Cast. If you haven't heard them on our show before or are new (click here to check out previous appearances). Superhero MovieCast is a podcast dedicated to reviewing, analyzing and discussing the themes of superhero films. You can also click here to check out part one to our crossover on The Incredibles.

Similar to our Fresh Film Friday review of the movie, we're expanding a lot of discussion on the themes of this film including strength of a strong female characters and villains, technology, Jack-Jack theories and more. 

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Beggars is a four piece pop-punk band from Port Saint Lucie, FL. Currently the band enjoys the success of two EPs including It Gets Better and the acoustic Good Boy. The band is currently working on new material and if you enjoy what you hear, please make sure to follow them and support them on these platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & Bandcamp

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicide, depression, self-harm or addiction, please feel free to reach out, use any of our resources, call the suicide life line: 1-800-273-8255 or text 741-741. 

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