XCT: Most Wanted

XCT: Most Wanted is a stand-alone anthology comic book with 6 different stories that all take

place in the Xtreme Champion Tournment(XCT) Universe. The XCT Universe is set in the year

2069 when ancient legendary warriors, gods and monsters have been cloned and brought back

to life in order to be pitted against each other in a brutal gladiatorial like sporting competition for

the human populace. This collection showcases that all of the warriors react differently to this

situation. Some embrace it while others outrightly revolt against it. And then there are those

who have yet to make up their minds.

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This universe was created by Shaun Keenan but he did not write nor do any of the art for Most

Wanted. Instead each story is written by one of five different writers and each narrative has a

different artist. This is definitely adds an additional fun element to the book. Since each part

features different writing and art this gives each tale a completely unique flavor. But the stories

within this book all still feel a part of the same world which gives a consistency that holds the

entire project together. The art is black and white(except for one sequence that used the color

red a in stylized way). The absence of color really showcases the unique talent of each artist

that fits each episode quite well.


The accounts within the pages of Most Wanted range from a battle royal between Genghis Khan

and Alexander the Great, to a showdown between a Samurai and a demon, to a Bonny and

Clyde like rampage of two warrior lovers. This graphic novel is chock full of action and violence.

It is geared for people who love colorful creations, action, fighting, and mythical beings of

legend. On all those fronts this comic delivers in spades. But be warned the pages contained

within are meant for mature audiences.

My only real complaint is that I wanted more from each featured character. With each part

running about ten pages and featuring a different cast I felt I was just starting to get to know

everyone when the segment ended. There was no real arc for anyone to follow. To the credit of

the creative team of Most Wanted I definitely wanted to go deeper into each of the personalities

depicted. So even though the accounts of each fighter felt a little superficial they definitely

peaked my interest to explore this universe more. Almost like those comics you get on Free

Comic Book Day where it gives you a small story that makes you want to go purchase more

issues to further explore the journeys of the people you just read about. If this was the intent of

Most Wanted than a job well done. From the looks of the XCT website there

are 5 issues currently available in the XCT series in addition to the Most Wanted anthology. So

I am sure there is much more that Shaun and company want us to explore with the colorful cast

they showcased in Most Wanted.



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Credits: XCT: Most Wanted is property of XCT,. We do not own nor claim any rights.

Matthew Basile

Matthew Basile has been dreaming up stories in his head for as long as he can remember. He loved stories of all kinds growing up and has always been enthralled by other worlds. He is thrilled to finally be able to share his own stories with others. Besides storytelling he also loves nature and especially loves combining those two passions. His first novella, Brandon's Fairy Tale, is currently available on Amazon. He is also working on his first comic book called Wolf’s Howl with a Kickstarter coming in October 2018 for it. Matthew currently lives in New Jersey with his two dogs, Molly and Buddy.