Most people you meet can probably say that pizza is one of their favorite food. We all have our favorites too. Some people love the ma and pa places that are exclusive to their town. While others are fans of Pizza Hut or Papa Johns or Domino's. We all have our preferences, but the biggest question is: are they perfect?

Enter the horror comedy, Slice. Serving as the debut from writer-director, Austin Vesely. Slice is a murder-mystery that is trying to solve the case of murdered pizza delivery drivers. The town of Kingfisher is a place where people, like you and me, do coexist with ghosts, werewolves and witches.


For most people, Zazie Beatz was a standout as Domino in Deadpool 2. Slice proves once again that Beats is more than capable of both adapting to the environment and can steal the show in the same breath. She's honestly electrifying in this role. A lot of the actors around her will indeed make you laugh but don’t quite stand out as much as Beats. The comedy of the film is genuine. Given the subject matter at times though, it's not always the best placed.

That's honestly, where this film starts to lose it a bit. It attempts to use the Ghosts of Kingfisher as an allegory of sorts to comment on racism, similarly to Bright. Yet it quickly cracks a joke to break that tension. Only in pulling it off it's such a quick turn around. Instead of being smart about it, like Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, it makes it feel tonally uneven.


Overall, Slice is a fun film with an even more fun mythology. The cast here is strong with an even stronger stand out performance from Zazzie Beats. It often feels like a love letter to drive in B-movies from the 80s. However, its downfall is being unable to pick a tone and being unable to establish a subtle way of speaking on prejudice. Despite its flaws, this film is still a fun and entertaining film.

FINAL SCORE: 3.5 / 5