The Amazing Adventure of Superior Sam (#1 -4)

It's been a while since we've done comic reviews. However, after a brief hiatus we are excited and delighted to be back spotlighting wonderful, independent talent. Chris Barcomb, author of The Amazing Adventure of Superior Sam, has been featured on our show for one of our Infinity War episodes. You can click here to check him out to discuss some of the behind the scenes story and creative process of the book. 

The Amazing Adventure of Superior Sam tells the story of Sam, a child who experiences an amputation at a young age and how in turn it leads to him becoming a superhero named "Superior Sam".  The comic powerfully showcases the power of positivity and need for community. The titular character feels a bit of depression in the series' opening issue, until his best friend challenges him to rise above it and take up the mantle of Superior Sam once more. The introduction to the series plays out like a Pixar short film. 

As the series develops, it's weird to describe how writer Barcomb handles these characters. They are self contained stories but each issue pushes the mythology of the characters. Take, for example, the second issue introducing the antagonist's of the series, The Bad Boys Club. While it does introduce a new element, it tells a self-contained story which doubles a PSA for anti-bullying. 

Superior Sam is using its' voice to honestly tackle some heavier topics such as depression, bullying, stealing and acceptance. This series boldly stands out in a genre that is so fixated on telling the bigger heroes versus villains stories. Rarely do series in the genre take the opportunity to tackle these topics and Superior Sam really does shine in that regard. You have to respect the fact that this series is addressed directly to kids. 

Boldly deciding to dive into the medium of children's stories, the art can be the weakest link. However, that is not the case here. Yarfai Azami creates a warm and vibrant enviroment in these issues that coupled with Barcomb's writing makes for a beautiful and colorful world. The art of this series is on par with Disney animation classics like The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast. There is just such a haunting depth that exists here. 

Overall, The Amazing Adventure of Superior Sam, is a series worth checking out. Tackling harder topics like depression and acceptance, while aiming it at a younger audience, Superior Sam is worthy of his superiority. Married with Barcomb's writing and Azami's art, this series is one we can't recommend enough. The art is vibrant and alive, while the writing is perfectly balanced.