REVIEW: Mission Impossible: Fallout

I remember the first time I gazed upon the trailer for this film and heard the ever catchy "Friction" by Imagine Dragons. I remember how the anxiety inducing action accompanied the music beautifully and thought after 22 years, I may actually have a desire to watch a Mission Impossible film. Since the Fallout of the trailer, I've caught up on all five previous entries into the franchise. 

Mission Impossible: Fallout tells the story of Ethan Hunt's continual quest to end the Syndicate following their leader's capture from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. For the first time in the franchise's history a villain, in Sean Harris' "Solomon Lane", returns. The element of villainy in this alone is what make this a must see film. The antagonist element of Fallout adds a depth with its' twists and turns that few films now a days can pull off. Most twists are spoiled by the trailers or other marketing elements. That's not the case for Fallout. 


As with twists and turns, viewers are also treated to a solid progression of plot. At a two hour and twenty-seven minute run time, the film never feels like it drags or overlooks any detail. It's a film which is a cinematic masterpiece in it's delivery of development, call back to previous installments and its' action. Not to mention that there are terrific character moments that stop the film for just a moment to really demonstrate that even in the midst of chaos and action, beautiful moments can still occur. Few of these moments may even make you shed a tear or two. 


While the film is filled with excellent execution, pacing and outstanding character development; it's not without its' action. Let's be honest, that's why we come to see these Mission Impossible films. Fallout stands out though in its' aim to deliver action that is exquisitely shot and grounded in ways few films can pull off. The most ingenious aspect of these action sequences is that they actually progress the plot forward. There have purpose, they are not merely existing to make the stars look cool. 

Overall, Mission Impossible Fallout is honestly one of this year's best films. With a plot that paces itself extremely well, character development and dynamic that will make you tear up and action that is beautifully shot and delivered. Fallout, again, is a must see.



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