A Martyr's Oath: Ignorance is Woe (Music Review)

I’m all about sub-genre’s in music and I’m about to come up with a name for one, you ever heard of Sermon-Core? Well you’re about to! 

A Martyrs Oath released their newest EP title “Ignorance Is War” on March 1st of this year. Pat, the man behind it all did something very different here combing instrumental progressive metal-core with clips from a sermon by Dr. Kent Hovind. And therefore putting together Sermon Jams or what I’m going to call, Sermon-Core. The clips he used was from Dr. Hovind’s first lecture in his Creation Seminar. 

Throughout this 3 song EP you get to hear Dr Hovind speak about Creation and the marriage between Christianity and Science and debunking Evolution placed over some pretty solid tunes of just hard hitting progressive metal-core. Track 1 The Evidence Of Magic was a great way to open this EP. It’s heavy but yet very beautiful with heavy melodic riffs and some violin mixed in. It’s my favorite track out of the 3. And with this track Dr. Hovind’s clips in this one are just talking about who God is and what his Truth is and breaking down why Evolution is not the truth. Track 2 Something From Nothing definitely kicks in heavier than the last track and rocks a lot like a Sleeping Giant track. Dr. Hovind’s clip is just exploring more of his points on why Evolution is not the truth and more on Gods truth. Track 3 The Plummet Of 1963 ends this EP with a very heavy track that features Dr. Hovind going over history of Evolution that effected the country and how it got in more schools. The music in track 3 fits in so well with Dr. Hovind going over all the destruction that happened after Evolution got added in all schools and God and Prayer got taken out of schools. 

I think Pat is on to something here with A Martyrs Oath. Cause a friend of mine once told me that things are remembered better with a tune behind it. And for the most part that’s true cause so many of us can memorize thousands of songs but when it comes remembering what we read from the Bible or remembering what he heard in Church we have a knack of forgetting and not remembering at all. But this is a way to have the sermon, and have the music you enjoy in one sitting and it will stick to you. The music on this was fantastic. It reminded of the late 2000’s and early 2010’s Christian Metal-Core scene and that’s always a plus. A Martyrs Oath Knocked this out of the park and i hope to hear more like this from Pat in the future.



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