America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful is a 3-disc set that demonstrates the beauty which America has to offer within its National Parks system.  The gorgeous landscapes and awe-inspiring majesty of America’s Natural Parks are revealed through informative interviews with various park rangers, scientists, Native Americans and nature enthusiast as well as the absolutely stunning video images that were recorded.  This documentary series produced by Mill Creek Entertainment gives a comprehensive overview of the environmental wonders offered in the lower forty-eight states of America. 

There are ten episodes each featuring an individual park.  The basic structure of each episode starts off with an intro to the landscape and then goes on to cover its beauty, geology, ecosystems, and history in more detail.  Every episode then concludes with what a visitor’s experience at the park may be like.  The amount of time spent on each category is tailored nicely to the distinctiveness of each park.  For instance the episode on Death Valley covered more aesthetic and geological features of the park over ecological features since there is not much active wildlife in that particular area.

What I really liked about this series was how well it gave such a broad view of each location.  You get a feel for what these sites have to offer and the different flavor of each one.  I certainly added a few new locations to visit to my personal bucket list.  I was impressed how in each episode they gave you a complete history of the terrain’s interaction with humans.  The history portions go back to the first human settlers in that area and then forward in time all the way up to the date the land was officially declared a national park. 

Honestly my only complaint with this documentary series is that it left me wanting to know more about each park.  But that just means I’ll have to visit these parks for myself.  This is the main purpose of this series after all.  I would recommend America the Beautiful to any nature enthusiast or anyone looking to spend some time in the great outdoors.  The series showcases the unique personality of each national park.  I guarantee this will then entice you to visit them for yourself.



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Matthew Basile

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