Return of the Slasher Nurse

I think perhaps one of the most valuable communities I’ve ever ventured into while during this podcast is probably the horror community. The horror community has something special about it. It’s almost as if there is this wide-open nature when you interact with anyone from it. Horror conventions are some of the most welcoming environments I’ve ever had the pleasure to step into. The continual thing about those communities is its source material. Horror is one of those rare genres that has something for everyone. Whether you like to laugh, be scared, watch or even read. The horror genre has something for you. My personal favorites when it comes to the genre is the subgenre of slasher. I love the icons like Freddy, Michael, Jason and Leatherface. I also love the opportunity to experience something new within the genre as well. Believe me there are truly some great entries into the genre that you may have never heard of. Perhaps, Slasher Nurse, might just be one of them.

In its’ second entry, Return of the Slasher Nurse, does something what few sequels do and stands well on its own. The film doesn’t continue on the same story from its predecessor but rather forges its’ own identity. The film never once makes viewers feel pressured to see what came before. The narrative gives weight to its past but boldly embarks exclusively to a new story. That’s one of the most respectable aspects to Slasher Nurse – it has its’ own identity. That identity tells the story of Kara Warden (Alaina Alfraro) and Jacks Taylor (Josh Shifflett) investigating the disappearance of their siblings, when they murder the wrong individual, they make powerful enemies in the slasher nurse. While the film forges forward from its predecessor, it’s opening handles like one of Slasher Nurse’s victims. Sifting through two different sequences that involve a set of children and a murdered cult – Return takes a bit before it finally finds its footing.


Once it sets its course, the narrative feels unstoppable. The narrative keeps that pace until roughly the introduction of its larger cast. The story seems to depart from its course and focus more on its comedic roots, rather than continue to build its dual narrative. The moments you do get of Slasher Nurse during this transition though provide some of the film’s strongest material. Despite the extra baggage of some of its scenes, the comedy will have you laughing until it hurts. Some of the funniest moments take up residency within this weird, yet impactful, departure and transition.

Despite the low budget feel that the film can possess at times, it has some truly phenomenal special effects. Slasher Nurse boasts some of the best effects I’ve seen in the independent film circuit period. As good as their effects maybe, some of the problems that the film faces stem right from its budget. Several shots with lapel mics are visible. While several shots of audio overload are audible throughout the film. Portraying nails on a chalkboard rather than the traditional scream queen scream. The film boasts excellent performances from its’ leads in Alfraro and Shifflett. The duo craft an interesting dynamic and chemistry that grows immensely on you. While you also have stand out performances from Rita Christine (Detective Campbell) & Ryan Workman (Skitz N’ Gravy).


Overall, Return of the Slasher Nurse, is a bold follow-up to its 2017 predecessor. Leaving the majority of its’ past behind to forge its own identity. Filmmakers took a gamble and it works fearlessly. Crafting a film which builds upon the mythology of its predecessor while also creating an extraordinarily fun film. The film boasts a fantastic cast in Alaina Alfraro, Josh Shifflett, Rita Christine & Ryan Workman among others. Truly great chemistry and comedic timing – this maybe one of the best casts in indie horror to ever set to film. When coupled together with its outstanding special effects – the film feels unstoppable. Alas, though, it can be stopped. Some poor narrative choices in its opening and even second act, prevent it from its true potential. Slasher also has issues with its sound as well. To, Return of the Slasher Nurse, will make viewers hope for multiple returns.



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