Reckoning is a very creepy and chilling but yet visually beautiful film directed and written by Ruckus and Lane Skye. This film is centered in an isolated Appalachian community that’s burdened with a truce that keeps people from going down the mountain and getting away from the insanity. After her husband disappears Lemon Cassidy (Danielle Deadwyler) attempts to save her son and herself from being killed by the eldest family in the community and their matriarch Tommy Runion (Catherine Dyer). 

This film captured the beauty and the warmth of Appalachians with stunning visuals and a really solid soundtrack of bluegrass to really embrace that mountaineer lifestyle feel.  This film did really well at giving off the same vibe the visuals and soundtrack did with characters that matched that feeling. It was definitely a deep backwoods mountain side southern snake oil salesman feel to the characters and their build up. Lemon Cassidy is was the main focus of this film. The film does a good job at focusing on her journey of getting back her husband. In the process, she faces off against Runion.  

The movie did well at making me interested in the characters but ultimately loses hold of its narrative. Featuring plot lines between characters that is never officially addressed – leaving viewers utterly confused. There is a whole layer of narrative with a cult that is never explained. While they do serve a micro purpose within the confides of the film – there is no development or justification for their existence. So that’s where the Film lacked was making everything clear and making it all make sense. Even though the characters were interesting and made you want to get invested, the pay off just seemed so off-put because of the lack of sense being brought to the storyline. All in all this was an enjoyable effort with incredible visual and a perfect movie to watch if you like weird and creepy things with a fall feeling to it.



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