MOVIE REVIEW: Avengers: Endgame

Have you ever had that wish that you could go back in time with present day information to tell past self something important? It might sound dumb but one of mine would be to tell my seventeen year old rebellious and stubborn self to appreciate the Marvel Cinematic Universe at its’ ground zero with 2008’s Iron Man. I’ve been enthralled with the medium of film for as long as I can remember. Seeing Jon Favereu’s take on Tony Stark, at the time didn’t seem that remarkable to me. My attention was too drawn to The Dark Knight. However, now more mature and wise, I have the utmost respect for Marvel Studios and their historic, groundbreaking approach to film making. Over the last 11 years, we’ve experienced others come and attempt the shared cinematic universe concept and fail. Here’s looking to you, Dark Universe. Marvel has proven time and time again their individuality and extraordinary approach to the medium of film.

One year ago, almost to the day, millions of people all over the world walked out of Avengers: Infinity War with the sense of utter hopelessness. The characters which they had spent the last ten years growing to know and love had just turned to ash, thanks to the franchise’s big bad, Thanos. We’ve spent the last year theorizing what comes next. What could possibly happen in the culmination of all these movies. And well, much like Doctor Strange says, “we’re in the endgame now.”


Avengers: Endgame is the companion piece to Infinity War exploring what life is like after the infamous snap of Thanos. Endgame is a layered masterpiece in every sense of the word. This is the culmination of not only the Marvel Cinematic Universe but what the medium of filmmaking can be. Here is a movie that isn’t afraid to breathe and tell the story it dares to tell. It’s bold, brash and beautifully stunning. Honestly there is so much to address within the perimeters of the film.

One of the strongest aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been the signature humor of the film. Even when the tone of specific scene is calling for a bit more dramatic tone, writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFreely, manage to weave a layer of humor. Endgame brings us back to the heart of the MCU and reminds us truly why we fell in love with these characters. Following the events of Infinity War, we’re virtually left with the original line up of the Avengers – which allows this film to truly showcase how original three characters of the universe: Iron Man, Captain America & Thor.

Endgame is a film that feels larger than life. It’s very theatrical in its’ delivery. Yet in the same breath, it’s quiet. Allowing viewers to see how the world has been affected by Thanos and the stones. Even the opening sequence alone allows viewers to see how everyday people are effected by this decision. In its delivery, Endgame is filled with heart, humor and raw honesty that will help establish it as a tentpole in its’ genre. It’s a film worth the study – due to its’ complex and layered nature. There’s so much to address within the course of this film, that we haven’t even begun to address the performances within this film. Every performance within the course of this film raises the bar for future films to come. Robert Downey Jr & Chris Evans both turn in the highlights of their MCU careers.


Overall, Avengers: Endgame, is the utter example of what cinematic perfection looks like. Stellar performances from every actor in this epic saga – overflowing with heart and humor. It is ruthlessly honest in its’ deception of its’ world and characters making it not only a real to marvel at but also respect. The film is equipped with stunning visuals, beautiful score and action sequences. Not to mention, the time after time you want to tear up. Endgame is a layered, detailed and utterly amazing masterpiece.



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