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The Legacy of Phil Hartman, PT. II

It's our 100th episode!!!! We are joined by Retro Rewind Podcast to talk Small SoldiersThe Retro Gamers to talk The Simpsons & Dummie Comics to talk House Guest - all in the name of honoring the life and legacy of Phil Hartman.

Reflections and Ragnarok

Teaming up with our friends over at Retro Rewind this week for a Flash-filled crossover. (Part 1 is here) Check them out plus all the other talent involved in this week's episode. If you like what we have to say, go pick up the book by clicking the link below.

Retro Rewind Podcast / The Flash by Mark Waid / Scott Weldon / (Art by) Francisco Ruiz

Opening scene comes from "Wonder Woman". We do not own any rights, nor do we claim any copyrights, to the film, all rights and credit to Warner Brothers and the filmmakers behind the film. See more here