Glass (2019)

Simply San Diego: Volume Three, Part One

Annual event, Simply San Diego, is back. We’re dissecting the biggest stories and trailers to come out of 2018’s convention. Join us for part one!

Glass & Grayskull

Thanks to Logan McElroy for our theme & thanks to our very own Kody "The Poet" Ball for our artwork. Thanks to the amazing guests we had this week. It was super a fun time. Go check and support all of their stuff and more importantly if you're suffering with suicide or depression, get help. Shoot over to our contact page or call the suicide lifeline 1-800-273-8255.

Dawn/ Body Jumpers / Jeffery Wyatt


The Lord Loss

Thanks to all our amazing guests for hanging out this week. Check out all the projects overflowing from our latest episode!

Evoluzione Publishing /Demons /Capt. Kyle /Buck Barnabas